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best property investment

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This is a wonderful insight shared by one of our investors Please read carefully Most of the Indian Senior Citizens die rich but do not live rich! The younger generation is moving away from Real Estate whereas the Seniors are still engrossed emotionally in Real Estate. The Seniors have built houses not only for themselves;but also for their children and even for those who have settled abroad or outside the home State. best property investment The next generation is least interested in these houses, howsoever the elephant house? They have no time to look at these gigantic properties. The next generation is very asset light. One such Senior Citizen died at the age of eighty five. His wife had already passed away a few years ago. One son lives in London and the other one in Toronto. They have the nationality of those countries. Neither was interested in the house their father had built in his prime age.The father had written a will before his death to give all the properties equally to both his children. The sons did not have time to get all the property in their names and then sell it.

Both of them made a Power of Attorney to sell the property in someone’s name. Thereafter, the proceeds from the sale of the property were sent to their home Country. Our second traditional investment is in Gold and Silver items. Investing in Gold and Silver is often very emotional. best property investment This is done in the form of ornaments for daughters-in-law or for grandchildren instead of buying pure gold.

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The new generation often does not like old fashioned jewellery items. As such, they are broken down into new designs. It goes back and forth. The new generation prefers to wear imitation or fake rather than genuine jewellery. In some countries  best property investment Gold is kept in pure form as an investment and a very little quantity in jewellery items. The third emotional investment is children’s higher education. Occasionally, senior citizens take out loans for their children’s higher education by cutting down on their hobbies/needs. When the children get jobs, they pay off debts; but in some cases the parents have to repay these loans. Going beyond this, some Seniors are investing in policies or other investments to facilitate education for their grandchildren.

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Taking out a loan for children’s education is understandable but why to invest in grandchildren’s education now, especially when your best property investment children have already started investing in SIPs for their children’s education etc.? How is our mindset? We don’t want to ask financial help from our married children. But taking care of grandchildren is our responsibility!! Thinking of own children throughout their life and again thinking of grandchildren in old age? Your lifespan is increasing. Your costs are rising. Think about it. Do not forget your own pleasure in thinking of others! * best property investment Live life for yourself. It is rightly said that : “Most Indians spend miserly all their lives; and make the next generation rich!” So, You are above 60+ and now life expectancy has increased a little “Live Your Life Well”. Spend on your hobbies, friends and fulfil your ‘wishlist’ so that you Live Rich and Don’t Just Die Rich!


Omaxe is the best emerging builder of ……


Omaxe world street

Omaxe is the best emerging builder of India , and the world street sector 79 , Faridabad project is one one of the best commercial projects providing high results to the investors of Delhi NCR . Omaxe World Street has been the best commercial landscaped project of this developer which has become the selfie point for the youngsters and also to rome and dine for the families leaving around its locality.

The investors who invested in this project in the year 2018 has got  unbelievable returns in terms of property prices. The investors who invested in the Omaxe World Street in SCO, retail space, and the Dining food court have received almost 10 times returns against what they paid at the time of the booking and the investment.

Omaxe world street in sector 79 Faridabad, is expected to be the most luxurious destination for the retail, SCO , offices and dining Food courts in coming days. Although this omaxe world street is the best commercial destination of greater Faridabad right now, but as development is going this can be the best place for the whole Delhi NCR in future as the commercial area is around 150 Acres which omaxe has decided to develop under this commercial township.

Omaxe world street

Omaxe world street sector 79 , Faridabad is taking care of all the festival celebrations which attracts the people all around its vicinity and they come and enjoy the festivals days or holidays and this hot destination.

Omaxe world street faridabad is the retail hub for the people of greater Faridabad as this has many outlets from famous brands in all segments like electronics, fashion, dining, beauty etc.

Residential towers in the center of this world street attract the charm of this palace mostly in the evening. The people who booked there flats in the residential segments of world street have also got good appreciations .

Unique Landways being the best channel partner for the omaxe has invested more than 100 cr with the investors and has always tried to offer best schemes for the investors to get them best out of their investment with the omaxe group.